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Straw for Your Strawberry Plants! Reasons to Apply Straw Mulch to Your Garden This Season

31 January 2020
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As weeds compete with your strawberry plants, you could apply organic mulch to defend them by boosting water retention and adding fertility. Straw is one of the organic mulching materials made from rye, wheat, barley and oats after harvesting. Straw mulch is sold in bale-blocks, and it's usually more effective than hay mulch. The cost of straw mulch is much favourable when these cereal plants are being harvested. Find out why straw mulch is what your strawberry garden has been waiting for.
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Artificial Lighting Alternatives You Can Use for Hydroponic Plants

23 May 2016
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Light is essential for plants to grow well. The amount of light that your plants receive depends on the location of your hydroponic system and the exact place that you decide to grow each set of plants. In addition, the prevailing climate can also reduce the number of hours that your plants are exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is prudent to supplement the short spell of natural light with artificial grow lights powered by electricity.
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Reasons to Invest In a Zero Turn Mower

12 April 2016
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Depending on your lawn mowing, maintaining you yard can be a pleasurable experience or an exhausting chore. If you would like the ultimate convenience when performing this task, then you should consider investing in a zero turn mower. These mowers give you the convenience of riding on them as you tend to your yard. Other than saving you the exertion of having to push your mower all around your yard, here are some of the other reasons why you should invest in a zero turn mower.
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It’s time to prune in back - gardening in winter

31 March 2016
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Now that the temperature is starting to drop it can seem like the garden can take care of itself. However, the colder months are a great time to get some really important gardening jobs including as pruning done. Here is a guide to getting the pruning done.    Decide on your goals Deciding how much to prune and which limbs to prune can depend on your goals for the plants and vines in your yard.
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Controlling Toadstools In Your New Lawn

21 March 2016
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A newly-laid lawn looks beautiful and adds kerb appeal to any home. However, sometimes unsightly toadstools can appear overnight in your lush new turf. But why is this and what can you do to get rid of them? What are toadstools and how did they end up in your new lawn? Toadstools are the fruit of a genus of fungi called basidiomycetes.  The main part of the fungus is hidden underground where it feeds on decaying plant material.
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