Two Questions to Consider When Getting Giftware for the Gardener in Your Life

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Two Questions to Consider When Getting Giftware for the Gardener in Your Life

Two Questions to Consider When Getting Giftware for the Gardener in Your Life

11 January 2021
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Below are two questions you should mull over before getting giftware for the gardener in your life.

What is their gardening philosophy?

First and foremost, you must ask yourself what this person's gardening philosophy is, as this will determine what kind of garden gifts you should get them. For example, if they are a bit of an eco-warrior and like to use non-toxic, earth-friendly methods and materials to maintain their garden, then you might want to get them gardening tools with handles made from recycled wood, along with some planters made from a natural, biodegradable material like jute.

Conversely, if they enjoy the discipline, consistency and dedication that is needed to take care of a high-maintenance garden that's filled with plants that require a lot of care, and they spend hours at a time working in their garden, then they would probably like a luxurious and pretty garden kneeler. 'it is made out of highly comfortable material like memory foam and which has a little pouch in which they can store their tools. This would make the long periods they spend in the garden far more comfortable and even enable them to extend their gardening sessions.

What is the main purpose of their garden?

You must also ask yourself what role this person's garden serves in their life. For example, it might be purely a source of beauty for them, or it might be a place that they have designed to attract lots of local wildlife so that they can then observe and admire these wonderful creatures. Alternatively, their garden might play a more practical role in their life, if they use it as a place to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

If their garden is solely for aesthetic purposes, then they might like giftware that will enhance its beauty. In this instance, they might be pleased with an ornate garden arch that they can grow their roses over. Conversely, if they grow food in their garden, then you could get them a large trug that has a padded handle, so they can easily carry large quantities of their harvest fruit and vegetables from their garden into their kitchen.

If they use their garden to draw interesting wildlife to their property, you might want to get them a beautiful bird feeder or a bee 'hotel', along with seeds of native plants which, after they've grown, will attract the local creatures who consume them.

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